Mutati The DJ

It’s about feeling the music. Listen to the beats of Kizomba while the walls shake to the vibrations of the percussion.  From the heart of Africa, the Afro-lively-energetic ambiance adds colour to the air. Mutati mixes include all types of  Latin music he reads the mood to determine what the people are eager for… When Mutati is playing your favourite tunes on the dance floor he will make you want to dance even when your feet say "Stop"!

Mutati The Dancer

From Kenya to the world, mixing his Afro-fusion roots with a variety of dance genres, and passion, Mutati has his own distinct style of salsa, afro house, kizomba, semba, tarraxinha, mambo & bachata dancing.

He loves sharing his experience enthusiastically with the world and he transmits positive vibes to dancers everywhere through his contagious smile. His philosophy is to dance the world and to always try new things. "Love to share the culture, dance & music" he says.

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